Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fall of Lucifer #2

The story line and intrigue of this book has gripped me. The way that Lucifer is given a personal presence, rather than simply being thought of as a monstrous spirit-being, is fascinating to me. I can almost sympathize with him, even though I know that he is condemned to damnation for eternity. The way that Alec brings the character of Lucifer to life makes me understand more and more about his motivations for attempting to revolt against God. This book is incredible. I can't wait to see how it ends.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fall of Lucifer Day 1

After starting Wendy Alec's hot-off-the-press book, "The Fall of Lucifer," I had to start recording my thoughts on the fall of the archangel, Lucifer. So far, I've been introduced into the lives of this angel and his two other brothers.

I never knew that Lucifer had two brothers--forming a sort of trinity within the trinity Godhead. It's ironic to think about how the the triune deity was in close cooperation with a triune angelic brotherhood.

This book is full of majestic imagery and symbolism--Lucifer, even before his fall, is portrayed with long, flowing black hair. It's the typical foreshadowing omen--the bad guy in black. However, it gets the message across--Lucifer is something different. There's going to be a twist. I can't wait to read what happens.